What Are BM Trada Certified Fire Doors?

What Are BM Trada Certified Fire Doors?

June 18, 2024
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Those responsible for building safety have a legal obligation to meet specific fire door maintenance requirements. The consequences of a possible fire can be disastrous if a building lacks the appropriate fire door provision and therefore these responsibilities should not be taken lightly. Having the very best fire doors is paramount for both peace of mind and safety and the best way to guarantee that both of these criteria are met is by opting for the gold standard in fire door certification: BM Trada certified fire doors. 

What Is BM Trada?

BM Trada is a globally recognised body that provides a range of services to different industries, including certification related to fire door installation and fire door maintenance. 

The organisation is a third-party body not tied to any specific manufacturer or government; instead, it is externally regulated to attest to the continued quality and legitimacy of its fire door safety advice and inspections. These same high standards are passed on to accredited fire door manufacturers, installers and maintenance companies to make sure that those responsible for fire safety in their building can access advice from trustworthy and qualified professionals. The resulting BM Trada certified fire doors are therefore the optimum standard for fire safety and can be relied upon to both resist and contain the spread of fire. 

About The Q-Mark Scheme

The element of BM Trada most relevant to those responsible for fire doors is the Q-Mark Fire Door Installation and Maintenance Scheme. This quality mark scheme holds fire door installers and maintenance companies to an agreed set of standards to ensure that every aspect of the fire door is as safe as possible. To get certified, a company representative must undergo a rigorous training process. They are then held responsible for the training and work carried out by their trained operatives and for upholding consistent Q-Mark processes across the workforce.

BM Trada Q-Mark covers everything from the installation process to the rest of the life of the fire doors, ensuring that their fire resistance capabilities are correctly maintained to allow for long life and total peace of mind for those using the building on a regular basis. This accreditation is not simply a badge that companies can wear without any evidence or challenge, but rather a marker of the highest levels of fire door safety and therefore of a fire door maintenance company you can trust. 

What Is The Difference Between Q-Mark & Other Certifications?

Many fire door installers may also demonstrate evidence of certifications via other accredited bodies. Like BM Trada Q-Mark, these fire door certification schemes strive to promote proper fire door installation practices but may not set the standard as high as those defined under the BM Trada Q-Mark scheme. There is no requirement for companies to hold more than one certification at the same time so this should be an important consideration for any persons responsible for the building safety when choosing their fire door installer.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing BM Trada Certified Fire Doors?

Opting for the highest levels of safety and protection should always be non-negotiable and working with a Q-Mark-approved company to meet your fire door installation and maintenance responsibilities will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

Assured Fire Door Quality & Performance

The most obvious benefit of BM Trada fire doors is that they will offer the highest levels of performance and therefore optimum safety. The Q-Mark scheme ensures that every aspect of the manufacturing, fire door installation and maintenance processes are second to none, guaranteeing that your fire doors will perform as they should in the event of an emergency. 

Regulatory Compliance

As well as being a moral obligation, keeping your building safe is also a legal one. Choosing BM Trada certified fire doors is therefore a demonstration of your commitment to this legal obligation and proves that you have taken appropriate steps to make your building compliant with current regulations. 

Consistent Standards

Q-Mark-approved fire door companies will be audited by BM Trada every 6 months via an on-site audit to assess the standards of previously completed installations and maintenance. This ensures that they are consistently delivering to the highest standards and are compliant with the most recent regulations. By choosing BM Trada certified fire doors, you can therefore be certain that your doors meet the most recent standards at the time of installation. Should you also work with a BM Trada certified company for your fire door maintenance, you can similarly feel confident that the most up-to-date guidance is applied. 

Get BM Trada Certified Fire Door Maintenance From WGP

WGP Maintenance has held the all-important BM Trada Q-Mark certification for over a decade and we are proud to continually offer the highest quality fire door installation and maintenance. If you want to speak to someone you can trust about BM Trada fire doors or wish to find out more about our dependable service, please get in touch with us today. We can help you meet all of your fire safety obligations, from the installation of your doors to accredited ongoing maintenance. 

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