What Are The Hotel Fire Safety Regulations In The UK?

What Are The Hotel Fire Safety Regulations In The UK?

June 22, 2024
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Fire safety should always be a top priority for the owners and managers of commercial buildings. These responsible individuals have an obligation to manage risks, keep their spaces safe for inhabitants, and put suitable procedures in place in the event of an emergency. This sentiment rings especially true for hotels and hotel chains, where hotel fire safety regulations should always be followed so that guests can come and go knowing that their place to stay is as safe as it possibly can be. 

Why Is Fire Safety Important In The Hotel Industry?

Given that hotels accommodate a large number of guests typically unfamiliar with the building layout, the risk of injury or damage as a result of a fire is particularly high. This makes fire safety particularly important in the hotel industry, with robust fire stopping and prevention measures taking on a crucial role to ensure that the safety of guests is put first. Failure to prioritise these fire safety measures can not only result in damage to the hotel’s public reputation but may also lead to hefty financial penalties and possible prosecution should guests be put at risk in any way. 

Fire Safety Regulations For Hotels: What The Law Says

To ensure that fire safety levels are as high as they should be, hotels must check and follow the relevant legislation. The key hotel fire safety regulations can be gleaned from general UK fire safety legislation for non-domestic premises. While there is no specific guidance for hotels, all of the rules outlined in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 will apply. 

The law states that a Responsible Person is responsible for all fire compliance within the building. In hotels, this individual will usually be the manager or owner and full guidance on the responsibilities they hold can be found on the UK government website.

As per the Fire Safety Order, the Responsible Person can also nominate a competent person to oversee certain responsibilities. For example, the owner can impart duties to the manager who may be better suited to overseeing the implementation of hotel fire safety regulations on a day-to-day basis. 

Suitable Fire Safety Measures For Hotels

If you are the Responsible Person for a hotel, it’s vital that you take the time to understand your moral and legal obligations and put appropriate fire protection in place as per the applicable fire safety regulations. The following measures should always be included in any action you may take to meet your responsibilities.

Fire Risk Assessments & Fire Door Surveys

All hotels should conduct thorough and regular fire risk assessments for all floors and rooms. This process will categorise different risks found in the hotel and summarise the measures in place to limit or prevent them. 

While not all doors in the hotel will be fire doors, a proper fire door survey must also form part of this process. To conduct a fire door survey, a trained professional should check all of the hotel’s fire doors. They will examine each door and produce a comprehensive fire door survey report based on a set of thorough criteria to ensure that the fire doors can suitably contain a fire in the event of an emergency. 

Active Fire Protection

While all appropriate steps should be taken to prevent a fire from occurring, measures must be put in place for use in the event that a fire does break out. For example, a comprehensive and working alarm system should be installed in the hotel alongside the appropriate number of fire extinguishers and/or fire blankets. It is also the Responsible Person’s responsibility to ensure that evacuation routes are marked and communicated to guests at all times, with adequate lighting in place so that all can evacuate as safely and quickly as possible in the event of an emergency. 

Passive Fire Protection

The Responsible Person must also ensure that appropriate passive fire protection is in place throughout the whole building. As per hotel fire safety regulations, these measures will encompass everything designed to restrict the spread of flames and fumes, including the fire doors in the building. Once installed, these crucial safety measures should also be maintained to particular standards to guarantee that they meet regulations both now and in the future. High levels of care and attention should always be applied throughout these installation and maintenance processes, regardless of whether a few fire doors are required or if there is a need to meet hotel fire safety regulations across an entire chain.

With significant responsibilities to meet as the Responsible Person for a hotel, it pays to work with qualified professionals for all your fire stopping and prevention needs. WGP Maintenance holds the coveted BM Trada Q-Mark accreditation and has a breadth of experience helping hotels big and small meet their obligations with confidence. Our team can aid you as you understand and carry out your responsibilities, from carrying out the initial fire door survey in your hotel(s) to providing ongoing maintenance of the highest standards. 

To find out more or ask any questions about how hotel fire safety regulations might apply to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away. 

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