Overall Scope:
The various single ply roofs across this hospital had been causing our client issues for many years. Various attempts to patch repair many areas had been made over the years. Unfortunately, any warranties had been lost as the initial contractor who built the hospital was no longer trading. Meetings were held to discuss the replacement of all the defective single ply membrane coverings and a tender was issued; WGP Maintenance Ltd was successful in the tender bid and was awarded the contract. We stood out from the competition for many reasons but what made us successful was the following:

1. We offered to hold our price over a 4 year period so that the client could budget their lifecycle works accurately as we knew this was a large undertaking for them and not feasible to complete in one financial year.

2. We were the only supplier and certified installer of this membrane at the time. This eliminates any issues whereby, if ingress does occur, the installers and manufacturer cannot agree who takes responsibility. We offer this service with a 25 year product warranty and a 10 year workmanship guarantee. Our product also needs very little in the way of maintenance so there are no hidden ongoing costs to upkeep the warranties.

3. We have worked closely with all departments affected by these works to understand their requirements in order for them to carry out their day to day tasks. We planned around hospital operating diaries and various other timetables to ensure our work in a live environment caused minimal disruption.

As full project management was awarded to us under this contract we conducted all plant removal from the roof including large air conditioning units which we craned off onto the ground so the roof could be replaced. At last minute it was proposed that this would be an opportune time to overhaul the air conditioning units and replace any required parts before they were hoisted back into position. We did this in conjunction with all the other works and still kept within our allocated project time of 4 weeks.

We have now completed 80% of the hospital roof replacement, of which the last stage is taking place later this year. We have also started replacement roof projects for the same client at various other schools in their portfolio.

Project Details

Single ply roof replacement phased programme (4 years)

Client Testimonial

  • “An all-round great service, great people and a pleasure to do business with. The company have coped well with the current and on-going pandemic for us and we really appreciate the help, advice and work that is carried out.”


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