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Now more than ever, it’s imperative that building, and maintenance companies are adapting their work processes to account for modern environmental needs.

By its nature, the construction industry is a massive consumer of raw materials and energy, which means that the companies working in this sector must always be striving to reach greater heights in adopting sustainable practices and working to minimise their negative environmental impact.

We’re extremely proud to say that WGP Maintenance stands at the forefront of the drive for Sustainability in the industry, and we’re committed to spearheading the way towards an environmentally responsible future.

Our certification as a Carbon Neutral Company by Carbon Neutral Britain is a monumental achievement for us at WGP Maintenance, and it stands as testament to our commitment to this goal. We are also ISO 14001 accredited, further underlying our diligent approach to reducing our environmental impact in every possible aspect of our work.

Watch our video to hear what our Business Development Director Glynn has to say about the Importance of Sustainability for WGP Maintenance.

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