How To Meet Your Fire Door Maintenance Requirements

How To Meet Your Fire Door Maintenance Requirements

June 4, 2024
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Fire door maintenance should always be a moral obligation; however, it is also important to note that non-domestic premises have a legal responsibility to maintain their fire doors as per the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Article 17 of this important piece of legislation lays out many of the rules that will guide an approach to any checks and subsequent remedial work, including the need for your fire doors to be “subject to a suitable system of maintenance” and “maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.”

There are strict penalties and consequences for failing to abide by the Fire Safety Order, not to mention the serious risk of harm to building occupants should a fire not be contained effectively and insurance risk for failure to maintain your building in a compliant state of repair. If you are responsible for fire doors in your building it is therefore critical that you take this responsibility seriously and take the time to understand your maintenance obligations.

Who Is Responsible For Fire Door Maintenance?

Before carrying out any practical measures to maintain fire doors in your building, it is important to understand exactly who responsibility lies with. As well as detailing the rules and requirements for the relevant maintenance, the Fire Safety Order also specifies exactly who should manage this process.

In all non-domestic premises, a ‘Responsible Person’ is required to have responsibility for all fire safety management including any fire door maintenance requirements. Typically this individual will be the person who is in charge of the building such as the owner, landlord or building manager. Any professional or contractor responsible for maintenance of the building may also count as the ‘Responsible Person’. 

As well as taking charge of fire door maintenance, the responsibilities of this individual also include conducting the building fire risk assessment, being aware of regulations and working alongside any relevant professionals to ensure fire doors are replaced and/or installed as appropriate.

Fire Door Maintenance Checklist

If you are the ‘Responsible Person’ for your building, maintenance should always form part of a regular routine as opposed to sporadic or reactive checks. Some people prefer to have a maintenance checklist that they can work through but whatever approach you wish to take you should always have time scheduled to carry out your duties. The following requirements are the main things you should be aware of and factor in as you take steps to maintain your fire doors.

1. Carry Out Regular Surveys And Checks

The term ‘maintenance’ may initially evoke associations with practical work. However, fire door maintenance requirements start long before any repairs or installations with periodic checks and your fire door surveys. Your fire doors should be checked regularly by somebody qualified to do so, and British Standards recommend that an inspection is carried out at least every six months or sooner in high use areas. This process will include looking at all doors and components, including hinges, hardware and glass to identify any areas that may need to be repaired, adjusted or replaced. 

We advise working with a professional to conduct these checks as this will ensure the relevant care and expertise is applied to the inspection. Here at WGP Maintenance, we can carry out fire door surveys in your building and provide a comprehensive report to detail your next steps. This level of expertise can be critical when it comes to the next steps of your fire door maintenance requirements, as you can be certain that all relevant standards have been met and our team can subsequently assist with any necessary remedial work identified.

2. Fix Found Faults

Checking the safety of your fire doors is just the start of your fire door maintenance requirements. Once faults or problem areas have been identified you must be proactive and ensure that they are fixed to a compliant standard. In some cases, it may also be necessary to replace the fire doors entirely and you should always work with a certified fire door installer to ensure that the new doors are fitted correctly. WGP Maintenance has been BM Trada-certified for over a decade, giving us the necessary experience to reassure you when it comes to all aspects of your fire door maintenance and installation. 

Whenever maintenance is conducted, it is important to keep a record of the work undertaken and when. This will ensure that you have a paper trail should you ever need to prove you have met your obligations and this forms part of the service that WGP Maintenance provides.

3. Stay Aware

As the ‘Responsible Person’, you should also stay aware of the condition of your fire doors even when formal inspections aren’t being carried out. If you spot an issue that you believe could pose a safety risk, discuss it with a professional immediately and don’t wait until your next scheduled check is due. 

You should also make an effort to stay on top of the rules surrounding fire doors and share your knowledge with others using the building to ensure that maintenance issues are spotted and rectified as quickly as possible.

Maintain Your Doors To The Highest Standards With WGP

While the level of fire door maintenance required in a building will depend on its size and the number of doors in any given space, the fact remains that your doors must be correctly maintained to ensure the safety of all occupants. As the ‘Responsible Person’, it is your responsibility to understand the relevant fire door maintenance requirements and ensure that these are carried out to the highest standard with the help of a qualified professional.

If you have any questions about your fire door maintenance duties or want to kickstart the process of meeting your obligations with our expert help, please get in touch today. We can help you arrange suitable fire door surveys and repairs, delivering an expert service at all times.

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